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Vehicle Repossession, Car Locksmith and Vehicle Storage

Asset protection and recovery is crucial for every business or organization such as banks, financial institutions, credit facilities, and dealerships. It protects the institution from losses that would be accrued in case its customers fail to make required payments. Gryphon Recovery is family-owned asset protection and recovery service provider that is built on the basis of providing efficient and reliable recovery and asset risk mitigation services. We totally understand the importance of swift and responsive services to our clients and are especially committed to providing just that. We have a long-standing track record of success and risk mitigation in the State of Florida and have for the longest time provided impeccable services to clients.

What we Offer

Working with Gryphon Recovery offers you quite a number of benefits. We offer way more than you can get from similar companies.


For more than a decade, Gryphon Recovery has maintained its status as the most efficient and reliable asset protection and recovery company throughout the state of Florida. With our vast experience in the industry, we are in a position to deliver to clients impeccable recovery and asset risk mitigation services. We take pride in our team that has been in the industry for a long and has earned all the skill and knowledge required to deliver outstanding services.

Full Range of Equipment

​Having been in the recovery and asset protection industry for a long, Gryphon Recovery boasts of a full range of equipment required for smooth and competent service delivery.

Professional Services

Our team is well trained and qualified to provide the range of services that we offer. Using their knowledge and skill, the experts will create a friendly environment for each recovery to ensure that the process is completed flawlessly.

Speedy Delivery

We offer on-demand services to ensure that the client is served exactly when they need the service. We respond swiftly to the call and send over a team to deliver the required services. We are also well-equipped at all times and always prepared to spring to action.

Storage Facilities

​Effective automobile recovery requires spacious and secure storage facilities. At Gryphon Recovery, we prioritize the safety of the asset and are committed to ensuring that the asset’s condition is preserved. We have a paved, spacious and secure garage in which we store recovered automobiles. For the fast and efficient asset protection and recovery services in South Florida, Gryphon Recovery is definitely the company for you.